Buckwheat Pillows: a Game Changer for Neck Pain

I first found out about this miracle pillow when I was getting a massage. I suffered from pinched nerves in my neck and always attributed it to my poor posture (tall girl problems). Then my massage therapist Ylva asked me what kind of pillow I was using.

My feather pillow that I had at the time was PAPER thin and I never really thought about how much damage it was doing. Ylva is from the Philippines and recommended that I get a buckwheat pillow (apparently they are very popular in Asia), which is exactly as it sounds – a pillow made out of actual buckwheat hulls in a zippered case. I hopped on Amazon immediately after the session and purchased the Beans 72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow.

I’m not going to lie, it took a little while to get used to, but I’m so glad that I stuck it out. After years of sleeping on the Calista Flockhart of pillows, I finally had something that put my neck into proper alignment.  One of the best things about the pillow is that you can take out or add the buckwheat hulls to customize how thick you want it. It’s ability to conform has been know to alleviate many common problems such as muscle pain, headaches, and stiff neck.

Since my little angel Ylva changed my life, I have told a zillion clients (I too am a Massage Therapist) about these pillows and even bought my mother one for Christmas. I know I know – a pillow under the tree sounds like the adult equivalent of getting wool socks and underwear from your weird aunt Sally when you were a kid, but what is better than the gift of no more pain?!

Travel Size

Japanese Size

Queen Size

King Size

Travel Size Pillow Cover

Japanese Size Pillow Cover

Queen Size Pillow Cover

King Size Pillow Cover

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