I’m not a celebrity. I’m not a model. I’m not an heiress. I’m just a normal 30-something woman trying to make my way through this crazy world. I was sick of only seeing content from people who were wearing clothing I can’t afford and photoshopping their images to death, so I created this site.

While I am a normal real life human, I do have experience in the Fashion, Beauty, and Wellness industries. I worked in the corporate offices of J.Crew and Bloomingdale’s before changing careers and working for Equinox Spas as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician. I also watch more cooking shows than is considered healthy and research everything to death. I wanted to share tips with people like me in a way that wasn’t too complicated, too expensive, or too wordy.

While I do include affiliate links (websites are surprisingly expensive to run), I can promise you that everything I post about has genuinely been tested by myself or one of my contributors.

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